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The Magnetic Woman Academy™️

COMMITTED WOMAN: Do you want to grow as a Woman to reach potentials you didn't even know you had? Build your dream life and a business you absolutely love, with a rapid transformational step-by-step system?

Position yourself as a Feminine influence, so you can impact the world with your message, attract the best relationships, live an abundant lifewithout having to do it alone, fake being someone you are not or hustle hard.

IMPORTANT: Your copy of My 5 Automation Hacks is on way to your inbox and should arrive within 10-15 minutes. While you wait, read below to see how to get my step-by-step help putting it into action! 

Imagine If.... could work online, travel and impact the world by doing what you love and attract clients who pay you what you deserve. were able to Influence people to support your vision, without feeling like you are convincing or selling. could inspire your partner to embody the passion and kindness that love represents to you, while being able to grow together and build each other up. 

…you knew how to communicate and embody your truth, so you can inspire the world with your voice and finally feel free to talk about what you love with no fear. could heal yourself by turning pain into power, so you can connect with your purpose by turning your story into a business. 

And were able to restore the throne of your own power, with confidence and radical self-love so that you stop playing small and settling for less than you deserve. were able feel fully aligned within yourself to manifest the love of your life and harness your many talents so you stop all the nonsense toxic behaviours and commit to your greatness. were part of a sisterhood community of powerful women, motivating and leading each other by example, with attitude, knowledge and magnetism, so you can do the same. had personalised mentorship and guidance for whenever you feel “stuck” in your business, your relationships and major life decisions - and you never had to feel alone/overwhelmed.

Stop holding back your power and actually offer your deepest gifts to the world 
and see REAL results in your life and in your business. 

Want to make this your reality? 

The Magnetic Woman Academy is your blueprint to achieve all of this, and more.


Your Blueprint to Grow Your Magnetism 
To Attract It ALL. 

The Magnetic Woman Academy™️ is a 90-day, step-by-step mentorship program that helps you unlock your greatest powers so you can build your dream business, lifestyle and relationships  by embodying your feminine purpose.

Regardless if you have been following your life calling for decades or simply awakening to it now… TMWA is here to give you the Blueprint to unleashing your magnetic feminine powers, so you can embody your truth, live your purpose, make money doing what you love, help others succeed and create conscious loving relationships.

Furthermore... we’re here to turn women into powerful leaders.

Most courses teach a specific skill like relationships or business, this creates disconnected women who don't understand the whole. To succeed in life, love & business you need to learn the "full stack” three interconnected layers of consciousness built on top of each other.

* Mental Awareness: New Identity, Empowered Beliefs, Activate Your Magnetic Vision, Deep Unconscious Healing, Open To New Concepts, Set Boundaries Like A Queen, Learn how to Manage Emotions. Scan Human Behaviour Like a Specialist. Abundant Money Mindset.

* Body Blissciplines: Embody Your Purpose, Feel Confident in Your Skin, Fulfilling Relationships, Sharpen Knowledge & Wisdom, Healthy Communication, Focus & The Discipline of True Commitment, A Partnership who Reflects Your Values, Helping Others to Become their Best Version, Find Your Voice.

* Soul Leadership: Secrets of Peak State Performance Revealed, Embody Feminine Leadership, Turn Your story into a Business, Magnetic Influence, Vision & Strategy for Success, Serve At Your Highest Level, Magnetic Branding & Marketing, Improve Speech Skills, Start & Grow Your Business.

When you join, you’ll be immersed into a supportive and empowering community of other women who are here to grow, learn, love, and contribute. You start TMWA as a student…. But you’ll soon be FAMILY.

You’ll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to Unleash Your Magnetic Power!

Do you want to achieve your maximum potential in every aspect of life?

...You are guided every single step!

When you join you will get Lifetime Access to TMWA so you can forever review our step-by-step system that Thatja Andrade created and invited her BEST Mentors to share their best wisdom with YOU...

Each lesson you learn with our World Renowned Experts in the field of Personal Development, Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sexuality, Abundance & Manifesting Money, High Performance Health, Business and Leadership…will change your life forever (for the better).

Thatja invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning from the best in the world, and you get the best curated knowledge & wisdom INCLUDED when you join TMWA!

And if you run into any questions or feel ‘stuck’, we’ve got you! Inside TMWA, you will gain access to UNLIMITED daily support inside our Secret Society community, and weekly group coaching LIVE video calls to help you troubleshoot, gain clarity, and make progress in your life!

When you start the program, you'll be grouped into a small, intimate team of other coaches according to many factors -- including your personality type, level of business experience, and goals.

You are invited to belong to a community of extremely successful loving females. Your inner circle to share, heal, grow and mastermind. Because Female Leaders need sisterhood empowerment, constantly!

And that's not all.... when you join TMWA, you'll be assigned to your own dedicated Accountability Coach who will help you track your progress, get un-stuck, stay productive, and stay accountable. 

We make it pretty hard to fail ;) 

The Magnetic Woman Academy is the perfect blend of TRANSFORMATION, EMPOWERMENT, COMMUNITY & LEADERSHIP….

And that’s why we are the #1 Program for Committed Women To Unleash Their Inner power. We create leaders and unrivalled results in this industry. Scroll down to see for yourself….

What our students are saying

Is This You?

  • You are passionate about life and you want to help people, but you are at a job you don’t love or you have a business that is not giving you the financial freedom and impact you desire?
  • ​You want to leverage your time and freedom by having an online business. You want the option to work from home, travel the world, quit your job, and choose your own hours.
  • You have a lot of amazing gifts to share with the world, but you don’t know where to get started or how to grow an aligned soulful business?
  • ​You want to find your truth, your voice, and harness your talents to find your career path, but your lack of direction and confidence, your fear of being seen, being heard and speaking up is holding you back.
  • ​You want to love deeply and be loved deeply. You want to give and receive every gift, BUT self-doubts, insecurities and fear of rejection, are holding you back, so you self sabotage and procrastinate.
  • ​You feel a deep calling to serve at your highest level and for that you must embody your purpose, but you have invested in long term studies, and you are lost and still unclear of your life purpose.
  • ​You are ready to do what it takes to embody the attractive forces, that will bring all your deepest desires, because you are sick and tired of feeling depleted and unworthy of that lover, or that big CHECK?
If any of the statements above describe YOU….
The Magnetic Woman Academy is the perfect solution for you. 

How Does It Work?


No more guessing and wondering if you’re doing the right things - simply follow our step-by-step blueprint, work smart, ask questions, and watch the magic happen.


We hold weekly group video calls 2x per week to give customized, in-depth coaching anytime you need it. Daily support is also available anytime you post your questions in our private VIP Facebook group.


When you join TMWA, you’ll be given access to 8 modules of curriculum. It’s dripped out week-by-week, so you have time to learn & implement before going onto the next step.


When you join TMWA, you’re given lifetime access to the curriculum. Even after the 90 days of community support, the educational modules & resources will be here for you during every step of your journey.


When you join TMWA, you'll be assigned to your own dedicated Accountability Coach, who is responsible for tracking your progress, helping you get un-stuck, and holding you accountable EVERY single week.


Being a Female Entrepreneur can be lonely. But when you join the TMWA sisterhood, you’ll be warmly welcomed into an active community of other like-minded powerful women who you can connect & mastermind with. You’ll be inspired, motivated, held accountable… and you’ll make sisters for life.

What our students are saying

What's The Process?


Learn from my mentor, the Millionaire Entrepreneur Gavin Dantez and I, how to maximise your life by creating your magnetic vision. Uncovering the myths and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Build a powerful partnership with your mind. Upgrade your identity to who you truly are. Transform from a default failure mindset to designing your success mindset!


We’ll reveal the root cause of your blockages. You will be shocked how your life will turn upside down (in a good way) when my mentor, Yerlin Ramirez a NeuroScientist Expert and myself give you a complete shower of awareness and consciousness on your hidden mental programming. This isn’t fluffy vague cute healing training. This is a scientific methodology that will heal and rewire your brain to live at your highest potential truth! 


In Week 3 you will enter the portals of love & connection. Me & the founder and CEO of Love Out Loud Nicole Gibson will give you dangerously effective understanding on Human Behaviours so you can scan YOURSELF & others like a specialist. Finally, learn how to set boundaries like a QUEEN for more love, trust & respect. Use simple tools to level up your consciousness and everyone else’s in your life!


Get ready to advance. Mariana Ivany - Intimacy Expert and I, will teach you how to become irresistible and unforgettable, not only in love, but in all areas of your life. Learn how to dance between feminine & masculine archetypes so you can return to your core sexual essence. Learn the key secrets for magnetic relationships and lasting love & connection! 


How can you have the life you love if you don’t know how to magnetise what you want? Learn the TOP secrets and education we should all know and never really got! Leah Piper, founder of More Love Works, Paloma Devi, International Singer & Voice Healer and I, will unveil the secrets of feminine magnetism - you’ll understand exactly how and why people and opportunities are drawn to you, so you can have absolutely anything you want. 


You won’t get this information in text books. Dr. Greg Damato PHD., his Wife Hilary Damato and I, will teach you the full system to optimise your energy so you can have a lot more to offer while you consistently perform at your highest level. We will teach you how to build a relationship, so you can live at your best! You will feel focus, radiant and in love with the body you are in. 


Learn from a series of Female Leaders like Linda Mbagwu, Mariana Grace and Thatja Andrade their best hacks to get their message heard and desired, so you can be seen and understood in the way that you deserve. Learn how to play smarter and flow in business so you can stay aligned with your values and attract powerful people into your network.


Joel Brown the Founder Of Addicted2Success and I will break down the entire process to starting, growing, and scaling a coaching business to 6-figures and beyond. You will learn the signature system we use to maintain long term success. We will show you exactly how to build powerful trust within yourself and others, so you stop doubting and procrastinating. You will learn how to effectively use time, money and energy to achieve more in business.

What our students are saying

TMWA Is More Than Just 
A Course...

Other Online Courses

  • Dump a bunch of random information on you and hope for the best
  • Created by people who have no idea how to results to their on lives
  • Tell you partial information, so you become dependent on them
  • Have weak customer support and avoid interacting with you
  • Aren’t results-driven - they just want you to sign up, then they abandon you
  • Don’t teach you how to overcome the mindset obstacles that sabotage your progress
  • Only care about money, not your holistic personal & entrepreneurial transformation
  • Don't have any way to track your progress or success, and have no system for accountability

The Magnetic Woman Academy

  • Gives you proven systems & structure to transform your life every single week
  • Supports you with LIVE interactions 2x per week, as well as unlimited daily support
  • Is 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the material. We’re here for you.
  •  Teaches you how to develop your interpersonal skills & mindset to overcome your mental blocks
  • Created by people who have transform their lives with the exact system you will go through 
Teaches you how to heal yourself so you don’t depend on another person ever again. 
  • Cares deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, mission, and holistic transformation
  • Gives you a dedicated Accountability Coach who is responsible for tracking your progress, helping you get un-stuck, and holding you accountable

By the end of The Magnetic Woman Academy 
you will:

  • Restore The Throne Of Your Own Power.
  • ​Awaken Your Feminine Radiance 
  • ​Feel Radical Self-love & Confidence
  • ​Connect With Your Flow In Leadership Roles
  • ​Artfully Attract Love & Wealth.
  • ​Offer Your Deepest Gifts to The World 
  • ​Heal & Forgive Traumatic Relationships
  • ​Feel More Pleasure in Your Body
  • ​Learn How to Influence People With Your Passions
  • ​Increase Your Intuition & Awareness 
  • ​Create an Inner Circle That Can’t Get Enough Of You.
  • ​Learn How to Be Irresistible & The Art Of Seduction
  • ​Learn How to Set Boundaries for More Love & Respect

What our students are saying


You’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page, which means… you’re probably wondering “who is the little rascal that put this thing together?” ....You’re looking at her. Muahahaha!

Hi! I'm Thatja Andrade, and I founded The Magnetic Woman Academy for one simple reason: I know how it feels to be you. When I first got started in the personal development space, I was struggling with my health, my career and love life and I was unclear on what to do next because of my passions on a multitude of seemingly unconnected things.

After several years at Corporate America, a lot of angst trying to choose just one thing to be in life, my body started to cause me pain from overworking on things I wasn’t passionate… I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was my strength, not a liability and I needed to do something meaningful with my life.

During the final months of my 9-5 job nightmare, I began planning my escape while immersing myself in parallel training with the best experts in the world in personal development. 

I realized my ability to be my greatness was limited by the external approval I was living for, and the box society tired putting me in. I wasn’t taking bold actions in my business or love life, because I had no guidance, so my ability to create the life of my dreams was blocked. I was so afraid of failure and judgment.

But when I started attending some exclusive events of top leaders, I saw they were actually just regular people that learned how to become extraordinary.

By being around these mentors and communities I started to remember my true power. I started approaching my career and relationships in an entirely different way too.

I am a “Multipassionate Female Entrepreneur” I didn’t (and never will) fit into a conventional box. I gave up the security of the 9-5 and started traveling the world while slowly building a coaching business from the ground up.

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world. And when you commit to the discipline of self-mastery and self-expression, your whole life will adjust to who you are becoming.

And that's when things started to change for me!

Slowly I began to gain momentum... 6 figures in 12 weeks… feeling super confident within myself, I could finally release the past and no longer fear the future…

My true potential for success was unlocked!

No matter what your dreams or obstacles are, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you’ll change the world.

Today I help women unleash the power of their magnetism to attract anything they desire while living their divine deepest purpose!

The global impact of my teachings has been covered by FOX, CBS, The Times, and ABC. I am growing a VIP community of the most ambitious, confident, successful, and magnetic women, just like you. I have helped them completely turn their lives around—and I can do the same for you!

I invested YEARS and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning how I could architect all this knowledge, embodiment tools, and strategies in a simple, fast, and easy way. 

Today I am proud to teach along side with my TOP mentors here at The Magnetic Woman Academy and around the world. For years I saw this missing gap between the seminars and trainings I attended. This Academy is building layer after layer, so you can evolve in all areas of your life and never again, settle for anything less than your fullest potential!

If you're ready to unleash The Magnetic
Woman within YOU & build your dream life & business....

What Our Students Are Saying

The voice of my clients

When I meet Thatja at Afest (June 2019), I was impressed with her unique combination of feminine beauty/allure, passion, integrity, intelligence and warmth. So when I discovered that her profession was a relationship and business coach, it was a no-brainer to sign up for her three month program of one on one weekly sessions. Thatja more than exceeded my expectations for a personal coach. She brought passion, genuine love, skill, knowledge and devotion to my transformation. 

The most impactful transformation I underwent is the art and discipline of self-love. My decisions, chosen paths, goals and daily interactions are rooted in self-love. Without Thatja’s guidance, I don’t believe I would be the person I am now....I have gained confidence and excitement for the life I am creating and manifesting. I have shed old beliefs and insecurities that were holding me back, and embody the belief that my past does not dictate my future.

Patricia Kandalaft
PHD. Pacific Pathology Partners
Before I joined The Magnetic Woman Academy I was in the biggest rut 
of my life.
I was studying a career that was unfulfilling and part time working in a job that was internally drowning me. I had really low self-confidence and I felt stuck for years. Being part of this amazing community was the best decision I could have made in my life! It helped me to up-level my mind, get rid of limiting beliefs and provided me so many tools I needed to heal myself from within and unleash my magnetic power. 
Every module has been so life changing for me. I learned all the secrets to a successful life from well-known international mentors. It is also amazing to have the community of powerful women that are now 
friends for life. 
Today I am living the life of my dreams, embodying the magnetic woman fully and started coaching other women to achieve the same! There is nothing else to say then THANK YOU for bringing 
the Magnetic Woman Academy into the world, Thatja!!!

Isabella Weber
Women's Mindset Transformational Coach
Thatja- words cannot express my gratitude towards you!
Everything that I’ve experienced in the Magnetic Woman Academy has been life changing for me. I’m beyond appreciative that you were able to help release my psychological blockages and help me delve entirely into my healing my inner child.
 I didn’t even know this was possible before you! This whole realm of self help was confusing to me before...yet you made it so approachable for me. I was able to heal under your guidance and now I’m ready to take a giant leap in me life. I’m quitting my corporate job and finally perusing my passion.
I’m filled with confidence and I KNOW I’ll be a tremendous nutrition coach. Thank you thank you thank you....!!!!!! I’m so freaking excited for my next chapter!

Amber Quinn
Nutrition Coach
Joining The Magnetic Woman Academy, was the best decision 
I ever made.
I started being so aware of what was keeping me stuck. Now I am living a life that I always dreamed of, and still working on myself. I am forever grateful for Thatja.
It's so inspiring for me, to have you as a mentor, as I am also a coach.
This content is amazing, each module has SO much good content, literally, life changing. It is also so amazing to be able to listen and share with all the sisterhood, and hold space for them. Life is all about giving and receiving. I am constantly tuning in with my needs and listening 
to my body.
I've been learning so much!!!!! I don't regret that I quit school a few years ago, this is so much better than any degree. Thatja, thank you. 
from my heart, to yours.

Camila Ganon
Yoga Teacher and Holistic Nutrition Coach 
“Hey Thatja, I want to express my deepest gratitude, my life has improved so fast like never before and that's mainly because of you. In the past I was craving for a change, but I would start very motivated and then go back to my old habits, because I never truly understood my own power. So THANK YOU! Now I am finally able to share all this tools with confidence and GET AWESOME results 
for me and MY CLIENTS!
I artfully transform all my breakdowns into mayor breakthroughs!
My life is now what I used to dream about, thank you!!”

Natalia Mier
Female Empowerment Coach
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